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The world's adoption of digital technology has taken a quantum leap, and the financial services industry is taking one of the largest leaps. Financial services providers need to adapt fast and grow their bottom line. To do so, they must engage their consumers with world-class mobile money experiences, including seamless mobile banking features and personalized financial advice.

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MX product solution

MXmobile provides mobile money experiences with intelligent and personalized financial insights, as well as enhanced mobile banking features, to help engage users and drive growth. It also leverages our API-based framework so organizations can build and go to market in weeks instead of years.

Seamless onboarding

Consumer engagement and retention start with the onboarding experience. Consumers must be led to experience the desired value as quickly as possible. 1 in 4 mobile apps are used once and then abandoned due to barriers to experiencing the desired value. MXmobile helps your consumers originate an account, create a virtual card, and fund their account in minutes.

Deploy clean app functionality with enhanced data

Leverage our leading data accuracy and account connections to provide comprehensive and engaging experiences with real-time insights. With data cleansing that simplifies transactions into plain language, your consumers will instantly understand their purchases. And our intuitive functionality makes it easy for cconsumers to see all of their accounts in one place.

Create a hybrid or native app experience

Our API-based framework enables organizations to build from the ground up or operating in tandem with or on top of an existing app. You can integrate MXmobile with your current mobile offering features (such as RDC, P2P, bill pay, etc.) for a quick and smooth transition into your own systems. And with our C++ framework, you’ll be able to create a unique and branded experience that can be instantly deployed across all devices.

Personalized financial Insights

Predictive insights and recommendations to help consumers improve their financial health.

Enabled by Powerful Integrations

MXmobile leverages MX's Integration API to connect with multiple third-party solutions. Such integrations accelerate the development process and are key to deliver a world class mobile money experience.

Technologies MX can support include: FICO, Ensenta, Okta, Zelle, Dwolla, and Payveris.

Turn feedback into 5-star features

Quickly implement feedback and turn it into features with our rapid innovation cycle. Instead of waiting for weeks, months, or years, we can iterate on your mobile app in days and have updates live in minutes, so you’re always at the forefront of the best mobile money experience.

BECU grew 50k mobile banking customers to 300k with our agile approach to app updates.

Learn how BECU increased mobile deposits by 22%

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