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Financial Data API

Stay Relevant, Your Way

Nexus lets you pick and choose which of our features you'd like to integrate into your current online or mobile banking platform. You can add account aggregation, auto-categorization, alerts, ads, and analytics to your core platform—all while maintaining your current familiar interface.

Multi-Sourced Aggregation

Leverage the power of Hydra, our multi-source aggregation router, to let your users add external accounts straight into your app. Unlike single-source aggregators, Hydra can reroute broken data connections so your users don't lose access to their data.


How Hydra Works

As you can see in this video, Hydra uses multiple sources to connect more than 19,000 institutions. As connections become deficient, we reroute to a new one, keeping your users' accounts connected.



Accurately cleanse, categorize, and classify your users' transactions. We test our categorization rates across the market to make sure you offer a top-tier experience for your users.



Send alerts to your users about noteworthy financial behavior including large deposits, large expenses, debt payments, reminders, and more.



Gather reports about your users' internal and external accounts. You can see where else your users bank, how many of your users engage your digital software, and more.


Targeted Ads

Implement targeted ads based on specific user behavior. It's like having a billboard that customizes its message for each person who drives by.



of users ranked the ability to see their finances in one place as highly valuable in a mobile app. Does your app let users see all their finances in one place?

Celent Research on U.S. Mobile App Preferences
July 2013


Truly Flexible

Since Nexus integrates into your current mobile, online, and core banking platforms, you can leverage it to create a digital banking experience tailored to your specific needs.

From aggregation routing to auto-categorization, data analytics to automated marketing, the Nexus financial data API turns a standard banking experience into the ultimate banking experience.



With our clear and concise documentation, implementing Nexus is quick and simple.


Seamless Integration

Nexus feels totally at home with your app's current features. Users will love how perfectly it integrates.



Every transaction from every user is passed through four filters to ensure optimum categorization rates.

Get All the Details

Download the Nexus PDF to see how our categorization algorithm compares with the algorithm competitors use. You'll also see why features like account aggregation and analytics are essential for becoming a user-centric organization.

Download the Nexus PDF