Data Connectivity API

Connections that power innovation

Path, MX’s Data Connectivity API, is a connector framework that helps you bring together disparate systems to create a better customer experience, improve your data access, and integrate with industry-leading solutions. Path provides you with a simpler, faster, and more secure way to connect to different services, apps, cores, and systems.

  • Improve Data Access

    No more waiting, or paying, for access to your data. Make well-informed decisions with near real-time data.

  • Control Your User Experience

    Create unrivaled mobile and desktop experiences that turn your customers into raving fans.

  • Innovate like a Startup

    Avoid roadblocks you may be facing with your existing tech stack, and implement new features and updates in weeks—not years.

Leave tech restrictions behind

Improve digital experiences, leverage big data more effectively, and increase API partnerships by seamlessly connecting to the technology you need. To truly achieve digital transformation, it’s crucial that you have the freedom and flexibility to innovate quickly. But you might be facing a common hurdle, being locked in with monolithic vendors that take a cookie cutter approach to building solutions. With Path, you can implement new features and updates quickly, easily, and securely, enabling you to build your solution your way.

Take control of your solution

Tap into a rich ecosystem of industry-leading solutions that allow you to build and innovate in months, not years. Path’s ever-expanding connector library includes integrations with banking cores, OLBs, authentication vendors, and much more. And it also connects to MX products like Helios, our award-winning mobile application.

Power Modern Banking Experiences with Path

  • Unlock your customer data and fully leverage it in platforms such as Salesforce, MuleSoft, and many other other platforms

  • Integrate with industry-leading solutions to build the platform you want

  • Innovate like a startup by implementing new features and updates in weeks, not years

There are so many systems behind the scenes you need to plug into. And you start realizing all the difficulties with transitioning from one system to another. Where Path came from was this idea that as financial institutions continue to grow into the future, we want to create, quite frankly, a path for them to move from systems that may be doing the heavy lifting today to systems that they see as their opportunity for tomorrow.

Brandon Dewitt
MX Co-founder and CTO

on why Path was created and how it helps financial institutions scale and grow

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