Personal Financial Management

An intelligent approach to personalized financial insights

Help your customers make better financial decisions in real-time with AI-driven personalized insights, building financial strength and increasing your engagement.

Personal, Predictive, and Proactive Financial Guidance

Customer expectations have significantly changed. To meet their new and growing demands, financial institutions need to provide customers with a banking experience that fits their lifestyle. And to do so effectively requires a fundamental paradigm shift from reactive data dumps, to proactive reactive, personalized, and predictive guided advice that helps you build meaningful customer relationships.


increase in logins


increase in interactions per login session


increase in NPS

Engage Customers on Every Level

Every person has different financial needs—from budget conscious and passive budgeters to people that don't budget at all. No matter where your customers are on this financial spectrum, MoneyMap with Pulse makes it possible to help them achieve their financial goals without fundamentally changing their behavior. The tool is so intuitive and simple to use that customers can lean on proactive insights and advice for all their budgeting needs without any of the heavy lifting. Now you can help your customers engage more with their finances all while increasing user logins and engagement during each session.

Tools Designed for What’s Ahead

Apple has built a world-class brand on providing a delightful customer experience across all its products and services—and they’re expanding that influence into the financial industry. Today, really knowing your customers is more important than ever before. MX can help you compete with big tech companies that are offering financial services and create an exceptional experience your customers will love.

Data Enhancement

Apple has a beautiful and clean view of transactions for its new Apple Card service—but it stops there. With MX, your customers can see a full view of their financial lives—from checking and credit cards to mortgage and investments—all beautifully optimized with world-class data enhancement.

Spending Trends

Apple has a beautiful but basic spending visualizations for their card alone. With MX, you can create unique visualisations that are specific to your customers’ full financial picture. Help your customers leverage more than 120 built-in categories to create simple and highly visual budgets that help them go beyond basic trends.

Financial Wellness Made Effortless

Financial wellness is something a lot of Americans struggle to maintain. Today, “4 in 10 U.S. adults couldn’t cover an unexpected $400 expense.” The root of the problem comes down to financial literacy. There simply aren’t that many tools or programs that make it easy for people to stay on top of their finances. We believe that financial wellness shouldn’t be hard—so we made it simple. Now you can help your customers build good financial habits. MoneyMap with Pulse gives your customers the ability to track spending, view transactions, and transfer funds, and much more in real-time. And with personalized financial guidance your customers can stay on top of their finances effortlessly—before any problems occur.

Feature List

All features apply to all internal and aggregated accounts, allowing users to develop improved insight into their full financial life.


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Accounts aggregation

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Cleansed and categorized transactions

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Spending analysis

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Bubble budgets

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Cash flow

And Much More

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Spending over time

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Net worth

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Debt management

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