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An intelligent approach personalized financial insights

Help your customers make better financial decisions in real-time with AI-driven personalized insights, building financial strength and increasing your engagement.

Money Map

Our award-winning PFM tool

Drive meaningful experiences

Redefining what you think you know about PFM software

Customer expectations have significantly changed. To meet their new and growing demands, financial institutions need to provide customers with a banking experience that fits their lifestyle.

Financial management
made simple

MX's personal finance management solution, MoneyMap, securely integrates into digital banking products. This provides customers with a seamless experience for viewing all their data in a single platform. Budgeting, account aggregation, auto-categorization, and debt management are just a few of the ways that you can use MoneyMap to increase user loyalty and drive profitable growth.

Innovative tools that improve financial wellbeing

Connect accounts

With financial data aggregation customers can view all their accounts in one place.

Subscription tracking

Automatically detects subscriptions, monthly costs, the yearly total for each subscription, and will notify the customer of any increase or decrease in monthly costs.

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Spending and cash flow insights

View each transaction by income and spending categories with an award-winning UI.

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A self-guided financial wellness tool

Predictive financial guidance with Pulse

Personal, predictive, and proactive financial guidance

With Pulse, your customers have a daily feed tailored to their financial wellness at their fingertips. Insight cards provide real-time information about a customer's finances, serving up the insights that matter most to them. And because Pulse is customized to each spending profile, customers feel more engaged and empowered to make choices that impact their financial goals.


Increase in NPS


Increase in interactions per login session


Increase in logins

Guided financial advice for all

Building a world-class digital experience for your customers begins by giving them access to the information they need to make the best possible financial decisions. With Pulse, your customers will have access to the latest AI-driven technology and machine learning capabilities, helping them better understand and take action throughout their financial wellness journey.

  • Provides real-time, AI-driven financial insights and advice

  • Notifications and alerts from across all accounts

  • Self-learning analytics continuously improve what information is presented

The forefront of innovation

BECU Case Study
More Users + More Bill Pay = Solid ROI

BECU partnered with MX to offer their members the Helios cross-platform framework. Within 18 months of launching Helios, BECU saw:

  • A 170% increase in bill pay
  • A 99% increase in mobile users
  • A 22% increase in check deposits
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