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Connectivity is essential for creating impactful money experiences. MX provides secure and reliable access to customer financial accounts and other data solutions to power modern data-driven money management.

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Build Your Future

From your first lines of code to beyond your millionth user, MX offers solutions that give you the flexibility and tools needed to accelerate innovation and offer a connected, impactful money experience.

Make API Management Easy

Gain instant access to test keys to begin connecting to the full range of MX solutions through a single API with clear documentation. Once live, connection statuses, metrics, and developer logs will give you visibility into performance, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting.

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Future-Proof with the Right Connection

The MX Platform API gives access to the solutions needed to connect customers to their financial accounts and drive innovation. As your solution evolves, so can your integration with MX. As you're ready, you can easily incorporate additional MX offerings, such as industry-leading data engine that provides AI-driven predictive recommendations to customers' financial data.

MX Secure

MX takes privacy and data security seriously. We will never sell your data, and we always strive for excellence when it comes to mitigating threats. That's why over 2,000 financial institutions trust MX with customer data.

The MX Platform API is your hub for coding up to MX solutions that power
award-winning money experiences

  • Connectivity

  • Data

  • Experience

  • Connectivity

    MX provides easy, secure, reliable access to customer and organization data. By eliminating data silos and bringing together disparate systems, MX connects you to the data you need.

    Patented Multi-source Account Aggregation - Instantly connect to customer account information and verify and authenticate identity, assets, balances, and amounts. With industry-leading connections

    Gain freedom and flexibility through improved data access by connecting core systems with other technologies and tools. Through the connector framework, organizations have direct control over integrations without being dependant on other vendors.

  • Data

    MX gives organizations the ability to standardize, analyze, and segment customers' financial information to provide better experiences.

    MX helps organizations with fact-based decision making and analytics that provide real-time insight into customer financial data. By leveraging customer financial data, organizations can deliver personalized experiences that increase engagement and grow share of wallet.

  • Experience

    Create engaging digital solutions that drive adoption, improve, and engagement. Provide modern data-driven money experiences that empower customers to be financially strong.

    With AI-driven predictive insights and machine learning models applied to financial data, organizations can become the key resources for improving their customers' financial lives.


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Client Support Level Self-Help Forum Access to Support Team Personalized Support
Access to Develop Portal to Test
Data Enhancement: Industry leading Cleanse, Categorization Test
Transaction Classification Metadata: Merchants, logos, subscriptions, income, location, etc Test
Aggregation: 48K+ Connections: Offering up to 24 months of transaction history Limited: 100 Users to top 14 FIs for 45 Days
MX Connection Widget: Easily search and link banks Test
Account Verification*: Account and Routing Numbers* Test
Identity Verification*: Bank account holder's name and other information Test
Investment Data Augmentation*: Richer investment data
MX Analytics and Segmentations*: Simplest way to understand your users
MX Digital Money Management*: Easily embed award-winning PFM

MX is your partner for the tools you need to create exceptional experiences for your users. We partner with the leading FinTechs and financial institutions in North America to provide more than 30 million users access to the technology they want.

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