Turning behavioral data into personalized insights

Making data actionable

Pulse leverages MX's machine learning data engine and predictive capabilities to visualize personalized financial insights

Feed-style UI

Personalized beats populate automatically into a social-media style feed built for high engagement and quick consumption

Adaptable and Quick to Market

Pulse is cloud hosted and built on real-time APIs making it adaptable and deployable fast

The Power of the Financial Feed

Familiar, Scrollable Experience

A successful feed leverages the habits that users have already created with high-engaging apps to bring the same familiarity to finances

Personalized, Relevant Insights

The information that fills the feed is personalized based on the user's financial behavior and content preferences

Automated, Simplified Interactions

Pulse generates insights automatically, giving users tailored guidance that makes managing their finances easier.

Real time information can mean a lot to all of us living in a 24/7 world. If a single and working mother gets home on a Friday night after an exhausting shift, she needs to be able to look at her finances and know whether or not she can afford to get her kids a pizza for dinner.

With a batch data pull or routine insight generator, this wouldn't be possible. Pulse leverages real-time data to generate real-time insights to provide users with the information they need in the moment they need it.

Pulse Mini Widget

Embed the power of Pulse into an online experience with quick implementation that provides easy access to insights that boost engagement

Why Pulse Makes a Difference

We've found that the more a user engages with digital tools, the more well off they tend to be. Not just this, but we've found they also tend to be more profitable customers to the organization. Consider it a Win-Win!

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