Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Use transactional data to create customer segments, deploy adaptive offers, and track campaign success all within one easy-to-use platform.

Deploy adaptive offers

Use in-app notifications, embedded banners, or customized methods to send targeted offers to your account holders.

Track campaigns in real time

You can immediately track how your campaign is performing. No need to bother your IT department or wait for weekly reports. Just log in and look.

Increase loan growth

Whereas most financial institutions don’t know what products their account holders have or don’t have, you’ll be fully equipped with Target to share the right offer with the right user at the right time. As a result, you’ll see booming loan growth.

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Feature List

Give your account holders an upgrade


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Fast (Including load times and advanced visual effects)

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Optimized for each device (e.g. can use FireTV remote)

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Facilitates robust and scalable testing

And Much More

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Looks and feels native to the device (because it is)

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Secure (data isn't stored in a browser)

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Works online and offline

You need more tools to be able to find ways to use what you already have–your big data–and move it towards actually doing something with it.

Jim Marous

Financial Brand

Relevant Offers

These digital offers adapt to your users' interests. Think of Amazon's "Recommended for You" section.

Smart Segments

Segments in Target keep you informed about who your users are and what they want.

Fast Setup

Choosing a user segment and deploying an offer takes less than five minutes.

Download the MX Business Case

16 pages of case studies and stats

  • - See why 1,800 institutions have chosen MX
  • - Discover how you can amp up your data game
  • - Learn new ways to drive revenue

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