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Transaction Cleansing

Clear. Actionable. Intelligent.

Transaction Data that Makes Sense

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Raw, unrefined transaction data is confusing...

...with no context for businesses or consumers to support financial outcomes, drive financial wellness, and innovate.

MX offers a comprehensive suite of data enhancement APIs to deliver enhanced, verified financial data to enable better decisions, experiences, and outcomes.

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Cleansed transactions make it easy to identify, organize, and act upon transaction data.


Precise categories enable consumers to better organize their finances and organizations to better segment and analyze consumer financial behavior.


Context and additional metadata help businesses identify when, where, and how consumers are engaging with their finances.


The MX Data Engine uses machine learning to get smart on similar transactions so it can translate new transactions where no human-created rule exists into understandable data.

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Why MX

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More patents than anyone in the market

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Unique IP developed over 10 years of experience with large financial transaction data sets


MX machine learning handles new transactions where no human-created rule exists


Deeper segmentation of transaction categories

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Cleansed and Categorized Financial Data

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Learn more about how MX unlocks the value of financial data.

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