Wealth and investment data

Turn rich data into wealthy investments

Investments by MX makes it easy for Fintechs to help financial advisors leverage the widest and cleanest data, so they can make more well-informed decisions about their clients’ wealth.

Wealth of insights

Provide advisors with meaningful insights into their clients’ investments and assets

Trusted Source

Enable advisors to become a trusted source with clients and increase satisfaction

Seamless experience

Integrate advanced aggregation into your UI to streamline advisors’ access of information

A wealth of insights

Give financial advisors the insights they need to gain a holistic view of their clients’ portfolio information: net worth, trade activity, investment types, and much more. Our advanced data aggregation goes beyond client collected data for a true 360-degree view of clients’ financial lives—from various streams of income and risk exposure to distribution of holdings. With deeper insights, advisors can assess clients’ current financial state and propose strategies that help them strengthen their portfolio.

Increase visibility

Enhance advisors’ visibility into clients’ multiple streams of income, exposure, and holdings

Advanced aggregation

Provide advisors with the benefit of multi-layer data cleansing and augmentation

Proper classification

Accurately classify data so advisors have an account-level breakdown of clients’ finances

Rich data. Refined results

Provide financial advisors with the clean data they need to make precise investment recommendations. The more complete their clients’ profile information, the better they can align strategies with current portfolio structures, and discover new opportunities to grow their clients’ wealth. With advanced data, financial advisors can help clients diversify their portfolio by cross-selling products that enhance their financial position, ultimately increasing loyalty and satisfaction.

Better recommendations

Enable advisors to give correct advice with complete data

Focused findings

Leverage data to help advisors diversify their clients’ assets and invest smarter

Competitive advantage

Help advisors expand their management assets by competing more effectively

Action powered by data

Help financial advisors keep track of their clients’ assets, and act on information faster by powering your UI dashboard with our data. Our multi-source aggregation platform integrates seamlessly into your existing UI dashboard, making it easier than ever for advisors to quickly find and act on the information they’re looking for. Now advisors can monitor their clients’ balances with real-time data for optimal portfolio performance.

Holistic view of finances

Simplify how advisors view investment and account information

Accurate, real-time tracking

Make it easy for advisors to keep track of their clients’ ever-evolving financial world

Forecast account balances

Give advisors the ability to monitor their clients’ balances for optimal portfolio performance

Wealth Management starts
with Rich Data

See how you can help financial advisors drive investment growth with data-driven wealth management.

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