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Seamless Implementation

MXinsights and MXwellness seamlessly integrate into your Q2 cPFM digital experience. The Accelerator Program’s one-to-many integration allows you to quickly deploy these tools and increase your speed-to-market.

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Provide Personalized Guidance

JD Power reported that 83% of consumers are interested in receiving advice from their primary financial institution, but only 29% say they have received such assistance. MXinsights and MXwellness allow you to easily provide personalized and automated advice that help users improve their financial wellness.

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Key Benefits

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Accelerate speed to market

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Offer personalized customer experiences

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Drive customer engagement

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Guide users to financial wellness

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Increase linked external accounts

How It Works

Behavioral Data to Personalized Insights

MXinsights uses AI and machine learning to take cleansed financial data and create insights that protect, guide, and inform your customers of potential anomalies and opportunities.

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Behavior-based Financial Health Scores

MXwellness scores participant’s financial health based on their actual spending, saving, and borrowing behaviors and gives them a personalized roadmap to improve their financial wellness.

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