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Gain a deeper understanding of your customers while helping us optimize our products.

Our goal is to put real customer needs at the forefront of our product development process. Working together we can empower the world to be financially strong.

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Who's Involved?

Frequent interaction with your employees and customers is necessary to improve the experience and usability of MX products and services. We strive to build positive relationships within your institution that lead to valuable internal and external feedback.

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MX Researchers

Our researchers are trained in a variety of research methods and are embedded in the product teams with a direct impact on the roadmap.

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The individuals at your institution who manage and use MX products and/or oversee your customer base or equivalent ambassador programs.

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Your general customer base and any members of ambassador/beta programs that are properly vetted to provide valuable feedback.

How It Works

Our MX researchers work with your stakeholders to evaluate your research needs and come up with a project proposal. Typically, these projects focus on one of three research stages, listed below. Which area of focus could you benefit from the most this year?

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The discovery stage is when we try to illuminate what we don’t know and better understand what our customers need.

Related activities:
Field studies, user interviews, stakeholder interviews, sales/support audit, journey map, diary study

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Exploration methods are for understanding the problem space of our customers and attempt to address their needs.

Related activities:
Competitive analysis, design review, task analysis, prototype feedback, card sorting

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Testing and validation methods are for checking designs during development and beyond, to make sure they are satisfactory.

Related activities:
Usability testing, user group outreach, social media & forum audit, benchmarking, accessibility testing

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Continued Partnership

Your institution has the most intimate understanding of what your customers need, as well as, what your institutions need from MX. Continuous engagement from you and your end-users is crucial to progressively improve our products and services. Join the MX Research Group today to begin collaborating with us.

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