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2015 Banking Trends

As the first of our new MX webinar series this event provided valuable information on the trends financial institutions face in 2015, which engaged 100% of viewers through 55 minutes of the 60 minute presentation.

Here's what participants had to say:

“Honestly, this is one of the best hours I have spent in a long time! I gained more insights in 1 hour than I sometimes gain in a month! ”

— Jane Patterson, Q2

“...A great webinar with a lot of useful information as I try to push my bank more digital. MX brought together three experts in the field to have an honest discussion on technology used with payments and their possible future. ”

— Shawn Glaser, First State Bank and Trust, Bayport, MN

Click below to watch the recorded webinar.

Wearables. Payments. Personalization. ROI. Agility. Non-Traditional Competitors. And More.

With so many priorities battling for attention, how do financial institutions determine where to focus their efforts and budgets?

In this webinar, hosted by MX, guest panelists Aashir Shroff from Wells Fargo, John Schulte from Mercantile Bank, and Vincent Hruska from City National Bank discuss the trends financial institutions will face in 2015 and how they can rise above them to become their account holders' primary institution. 

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