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What Products Does MX Offer?

Jan 7, 2015 4:31:53 PM

MX's product suite is designed to help financial institutions become better advocates for their accounts holders by offering a better experience, more reliable data, and improved insights and advice from your institution.

The MX product suite includes the following products:

Helios: A native full-feature digital banking experience on any device or platform — tablet, desktop and phone.

WideNet: A user acquisition tool. WideNet lets users see all their accounts and transactions in your app, before they ever open an account with you.

Nexus: Our data API. It lets you pick and choose which MX features you’d like to add to your current digital experience.

Insight: Contains nearly 100 pre-loaded interactive visualizations that show data such as interest rates, engagement, account types and more.

Target: Lets you create segments, deploy adaptive offers, and start tracking a campaign in under five minutes with absolutely no assistance from IT.

MoneyDesktop: Our financial management widget, embeddable directly into your online banking platform.

Click any product name above to learn more.

Jon Ogden

Written by Jon Ogden

Jon Ogden is the Director of Content Marketing at MX.