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Why Sign A Contract Without Current Integration?

You need to define your digital strategy - not existing limitations. 

MX should be an important part of your strategic vision and we'll help you work towards integration with your existing channel or mobile banking provider. If not, we can also direct you to one of our partners where we have an excellent integration already. MX is partnered with over 35 online and mobile providers.

When you sign an agreement you have the ability to leverage that as you walk into your provider. This effectively informs your provider of your full intent to move forward with MX and will enable the necessary discussions so that your provider can integrate with MX to help service your needs. 

If you don't sign an agreement and simply tell your provider that you're considering MX, you run the risk that the necessary resources will not be allocated to drive an integration. By signing, you formalize your intent and clearly communicate that MX is a key partner. 

MX feels strongly that you shouldn't have to ask your channel partner for permission to work with third parties. Our belief is that your provider should be a facilitator, helping you to quickly and cost effectively integrate to the services you need. If your provider is not responsive you're risking your entire future.

To walk through an ROI calculation for your financial institution, please contact sales@mx.com

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