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Cultural Innovation in an Increasingly Digital World

How has digital banking impacted specific roles within the financial services industry? In order to answer this question we surveyed 200+ financial service professionals and wrote our latest ebook which summarizes our findings. You can find the ebook here

In addition to our survey, Andres Cueto of BBVA Compass and John Waupsh of BancVue joined us to discuss their insights into what financial institutions and their employees can do to drive success through cultural innovation in our latest webinar. Watch the webinar below:

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

“There’s comfort in inactivity. The problem is, when your industry is in transformation, you can easily hedgehog your way into obsolescence. There is reputational risk in doing something new, but we need to look at our ever-shrinking margins and look for ways to increase the efficiency.”

— John Waupsh, Chief Innovation Officer, BancVue

“To get the type of cross functional team you need, you have to adopt an agile methodology or have a collaborative and open environment so people are working together. Co-location of teams is huge because it helps them to really collaborate.”

— Andres Cueto, Business Innovation, BBVA Compass

“From a compliance stand point, the compliance team is a very strong partner with the product team; It’s just a reality of the world today. It’s necessary to have a top notch compliance team and external compliance people that you can bounce ideas off so you can get external ideas as well.”

— John Waupsh, Chief Innovation Officer, BancVue

For more videos from MX, see our Vimeo channel here.

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