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Design an experience that empowers account holders

In this webinar, guest panelists from Santander, Moven, Security Service FCU and Q2ebanking share their insights about the challenges institutions must overcome in digital experience design.

Here are a few key thoughts:

“[At Santander], we try to create a universal experience...We want to provide the best service, immediate service, and accurate service... regardless of the channel.”

— Emilio Cristobal, Santander Bank

“Engagement and a positive emotional impact, coupled with relevance, is absolutely key. The experience we provide has to not only feel good, but also accomplish the goals that our customers are trying to achieve... Engagement, impact and relevance - I see that as a winning formula.”

— Jay Tkachuk, Security Service FCU

“People don’t always remember the information that is presented to them, but they always remember what they feel when they use a digital service. Experiences involve a person’s behaviors, emotions and attitudes, so design needs to effectively weave together a combination of all...the elements to ensure that they have a good experience, not just an informational view of their data.”

— Ned Tobey, Q2

“Create tools that can become part of everyday habits and reinforce the sense of control for the consumer. When you do so it also means you…generate new revenue streams because you’re giving the consumer a greater sense of choice, and empowering them financially while making them a much more sustainable user of your products.”

— Mohamed Khalil, Moven

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