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MX Content Collection

Jan 25, 2018 7:27:00 AM

The MX content collection contains all the information you need to know about the MX product suite, our internal teams, and our guiding philosophy.

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Core Functionality



Integration and Security


Solutions Overview


MX Case Studies

Digital Money Management



Insight & Target

Discovered Accounts


Client Testimonials


MX Product Overviews

All Products in one PDF
MX Account Holder Journey
All Products in PowerPoint Format
MX Platform


Industry Trends

New Call-to-action

The Shift to Digital



Become a Fintech Expert

White Papers

Survive the Shift to Digital

Become the Primary Financial Institution

Implement Digital Money Management / PFM

Promote a Better User Experience

Build Data Analytics and Targeted Marketing


Thought Leader Highlights

MoneySummit Series

Jon Ogden

Written by Jon Ogden

Jon Ogden is the Director of Content Marketing at MX.