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The Account Holder Journey, Powered by MX

In this post, we illustrate a range of ways that people can use the MX platform. For the purposes of this post, we use Epic Bank as a placeholder institution.

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Persona #1: Jed Anderton

Jed signs up for the MX digital money management product and adds all of his accounts, including those external to Zen Bank. By analyzing Jed’s newly linked data on the MX platform, Zen Bank recognizes that Jed has accounts with two of Zen Bank’s main competitors. They also see that Jed doesn’t have an auto loan. As a result, Zen Bank crafts a targeted offer that directly undercuts the auto loan rates at those two competitors, cementing their position as the vendor of choice in the future.

In addition, when Jed gets his auto loan, the MX platform guides him through the debt payment process and sends monthly alerts to remind him of upcoming payments. This guidance helps Jed view Zen Bank as an advocate and drives up his loyalty to the bank.

Persona #2: Saralyn Peterson

Saralyn is a single mom whose life consists of almost no downtime. When Saralyn discovers that Zen Bank offers a financial management feature that works effortlessly on all of her devices, she’s delighted. Now she checks all her account balances and transactions on any of her accounts wherever she is. In addition, any changes she makes on one device are instantly updated on all her devices.

Persona #3: Jason Cooper

Jason has accumulated a lot of credit card debt while making the transition from college student to working professional. Now he’s looking for ways to pay it all off quickly.

Using the data they gathered on the MX platform, Zen Bank knows that they should offer Jason a discount rate on card debt. This offer persuades Jason to make the switch, and soon enough Jason starts to view Zen Bank as his institution of choice.


Persona #4: Rachel Woodsworth

Rachel sees an ad from Zen Bank for a new financial management app that can be used by people who don’t even have an account at Zen Bank. Since she downloads apps on her phone all the time and since the Zen Bank app is free, she tries it out. After she adds her savings account, Zen Bank prompts her to open a student checking account with them. She likes the look and feel of the Zen Bank app so much that she decides to open the student account.

Soon she can use the Helios framework to deposit checks directly into her Zen Bank checking account. At this point she’s on her way to becoming a loyal Zen Bank customer. 

Persona #5: Paul Smith

Paul signs into the MX platform and creates a goal for the exact amount he needs to save to help his daughter Jill prepare for college. He connects that goal directly to his 529 plan and prioritizes this goal in context of the other goals on his list.

Best of all, Paul views the total amount allocated for goals and makes adjustments in context of his total budgeted expenses. This way he gets a clear sense of where every dollar is going.

In addition, when Jill gets to college, the MX platform will let Paul effortlessly transfer money to her as she needs it — all from a single user interface.

Persona #7: Kevin Brown

Kevin is looking for a simple way to track his expenses in retirement. He uses bubble budgets on the MX platform, but he also just discovered the trends tool.

With this tool he’s able to effortlessly view his average monthly expenses for the first time. He notices that he spends more than he thought he did on shopping, and has already started to work on cutting back.