Our core mission at MX is to build financially strong citizens through data-driven advocacy.

It’s a big mission, and we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we partner with financial institutions and fintech companies. By leveraging our mutual advantages, we can change the financial habits of millions of users and ultimately improve the world.

It starts with a successful integration and culminates with fabulous user engagement. To make sure these crucial steps move along without a hitch, we’ve built a dedicated in-house service team known as MX Client Services (MXCS).

MXCS takes a holistic approach and offers a vast range of services, including:

Most importantly, every client and partner is assigned a Client Strategy Consultant (CSC) who is available to answer any question along the way. This ensures that our clients always get in-house, personalized help whenever they need it.

Here are some common questions we’ve been asked by prospective clients about our support process.

If we sign with MX, will we have to develop a team to support account holders who use your products?

Thankfully, no. We handle all support requests directly through our products so we don’t burden financial institutions with additional support responsibilities. This way our clients get a support team that is fully trained on the product the moment they launch. In addition, our clients don’t have to worry about training their support teams each time we update the product. MXCS takes the lead so our clients can focus on the tasks they do best.

Since you update your product so frequently, how does our team stay current?

The vast majority of our updates consist of seamless improvements to the user experience — faster load times, more account connections, better categorization, etc. These improvements are noticeable only in the collective and as a result there is no need for formal client training. In the cases where we do alter the experience in a dramatic way or add a new feature, we always let our clients know ahead of time at https://cs.mx.com/product_updates/ and via email. We also provide training ahead of time for all new features.

How does the user support process work?

When an account holder has a question about how a product works, they create a support request directly within the product and send a message to MXCS. Our typical response time is within one business day.

What other types of support are there?

There are three levels:

Level 1 — When a user submits a ticket directly through the application to our support team

Level 2 — When a client contacts our support team directly, usually via our support portal

Level 3 — When our support team works on pre-emptive solutions and advanced issue resolution

In other words, clients can work with their CSC or the support team directly, and they can rest assured that the support team is constantly working on problems before they become an issue for end users.

What is your primary support philosophy?

Our primary support philosophy is to understand the root of the issue rather than a provisional fix. This way we can solve a host of problems at once and better serve our clients.

What is the forum for communicating?

Internally, we communicate using a support ticketing system called Zendesk. This enables us to quickly manage a high user request volume. Externally, we communicate via phone and email.

What training do you offer?

We match our training format to fit your needs. Most typically we offer monthly training webinars, but we also do personalized training via phone as well as in-person training. The in-person training can either happen at MX headquarters or in your institution, depending on your needs.

How do you help clients reach high adoption rates with MX products?

MXCS offers a range of resources (including brochures, videos, banner ads, and more) to help you get the word out to your account holders that you offer MX products. We also consult with our clients and partners about best practices to drive up user engagement — practices that are supported by our internal data analysis.

You can see examples of high adoption from current clients by clicking the links below: