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Case Study: MX Training at MACU



Key Stats


Trained Employees Are:

  • 43% more likely to recommend MX products to members
  • 48% more likely to recommend the product on at least a monthly basis
  • 30% more confident when providing support


Training at MACU

Client education is an important component in promoting end-user adoption, engagement, and quality end-user support. The clients who have experienced the greatest success in driving adoption have put significant focus on training their team. This case study highlights one MX client, Mountain America Credit Union (MACU), whose commitment to ongoing employee education has resulted in greater employee confidence, likelihood to recommend, and overall end-user adoption.

MACU helps users become financially healthy and happy by investing in consistent training that empowers their team to be a real source of guidance and support.

From the time of initial launch in early 2013, MACU has involved MX in each of its quarterly Tech Champion trainings, during which they educate one employee from every branch on all of the technology at the credit union. The MX presentation on digital money management is consistently a crowd favorite.

“My employees really enjoyed the training,” said Jill Lalliss, MACU Call Center Manager. “It made them feel special. They know that we care about their experience on the phones and want them to sound smart and have the resources to help our members.”


Effects of MACU Training

The MX Client Education team facilitates an evaluation process to measure the immediate and mid-term effects of training. This evaluation process has identified correlations linking training and product satisfaction, likelihood to recommend and confidence providing support.

Pre-training evaluation revealed that MACU employees who were trained as far back as two years ago are still almost twice as likely to recommend digital money management than employees who had never been trained.

An astonishing 100% of those who were trained recommend digital money management at least once per month, while only 56% of those who were never trained do the same. In addition, those who received training recommend the product far more frequently, with 50% recommending it a few times per week.

Immediately following training, employees were an average of 43% more likely to recommend digital money management than they were before the training, up to an average of 9.5 out of 10 on the “likelihood to recommend scale.” They were also 30% more confident providing support.

“If you really want to drive adoption, you need to have employees trained by MX,” said Dallin Hester, the Product Evangelist that leads the Tech Champion initiative at MACU. “It's a training that you would not be able to do yourselves and you'd be missing out. Just do it!”


Mountain America Credit Union is a $5.4B institution based in Utah. It serves over 615,000 members in the region. MACU has employed a unique implementation of digital money management that is deeply integrated within online banking, along with heavy marketing focus and significant employee training to drive adoption and engagement. At the time of writing, MACU had achieved 86% adoption of its online banking users.

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