Learn from MX clients how implementing our Insight & Target platform has changed the way they cross-sell to their account holders.

Here are a few highlights:

"Before we had Insight & Target, I did not realize that if our customers who were using Clarity (PFM) also downloaded the mobile app and started using that, they'd be much more likely to log in more often throughout the month. And then they'd be likely to aggregate their external accounts. Once I realized that we had a lot of campaigns that were centered around, "Here is how you download the mobile app. These are the features inside the mobile app." That helped us with increased log-ins and increased external accounts."

- Rachael Schwartz, Electronic Marketing Specialist, Farmers Bank & Trust

"Aggregating all this data that we have from various sources - external, internal, third parties - and packaging it up in a way for the user to easily get whatever it is we want them to take ... if it's the right product for them and right price for them, they're going to do it. If we can help with tools like MX and Insight & Target to put those offers up in front of them and make it easy and frictionless to actually onboard that product, then we'll see a huge jump in profitability."

- Justin Harder, Director, IT,  MAP CU

"Financial institutions are being pulled into this world where they're going to have to create a revenue stream from their data. That doesn't mean selling the data to third parties. That means creating better customer experiences, being smarter about targeting the products and services you offer. The only institutions who are going to thrive are the ones who can pool all of that data into a single place and build those experiences for users and more smartly offer those different products and services."

- Brennan Knotts, Product Manager, MX