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[Webinar] The Morality and Mechanics of Using Data in Financial Services

Jun 2, 2017 12:04:30 PM

Financial services is currently undergoing a major shift, and data is at its center. But how should you be using data? How do you pick the right provider? How do you find the time and resources to make the shift to a data-centered culture?

We've got the answers. Watch this webinar to learn the:

  • Morality of data: Identify how you should use data to truly help your users
  • Attributes of an effective provider: Learn the signs to look for in a data provider
  • Steps to getting started: See how quick and easy it is to work with MX

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Michael Harrington

Written by Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington is the digital marketing manager here at MX. He has worked in the digital marketing space for 4 years, and has a passion for the industry and finding innovative solutions for problems. In addition to marketing, Michael is known for his skills on the saxophone and (believe it or not) his beatboxing prowess.