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PFM Is Dead. Welcome to the New World of Digital Money Management

Forrester Research says that digital money management is essential to “quash the disruptive threat from digital banks” and “garner the loyalty of younger customers,” and Accenture has found that 67% of millennials "are interested in their bank providing tools and services that help them create and monitor a budget."

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MX Client Success Webinar: Empowering Account Holders

In this deep-dive webinar, MX clients shared insights into how digital money management is shaping the way they interact with their account holders. Guest panelists include Rita Sly from ATB Financial, Rob Cummings from Mountain America CU, Rick Claypoole from Cadence Bank, and our CEO Ryan Caldwell.

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Digital Money Management: Become an Advocate for Account Holders

On May 20th, industry experts Brad Leimer, Alpine Jennings, John Hanley and Brandon Dewitt shared their insights on how digital money management is driving a shift in the way account holders view their finances and their financial institutions.

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