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Personalized Coaching And Advice: The Future Of Digital Money Management

New research reveals that consumers are hungry for advice to help manage and improve their financial health but a hesitance to aggregate accounts could reduce the usefulness of the insights generated by financial institutions. Javelin finds that while 46% of bank PFM users are willing to provide passwords to their primary FI for aggregation of external accounts, only 17% of non-users would be willing to do so. “The ability to deliver personalized insight and advice hinges on compiling a complete picture of a customer’s finances: deposit accounts, credit cards and loans, and investments, including those held at secondary FIs,” writes Javelin in its April report Digital Money Management in 2016: Moving Beyond Fits And Starts. “But gathering this data requires customers to share their login and passwords, a model that FIs oppose innately.”

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Take the Fear Out of Financial Management

There are a lot of scary things out there, but one thing your account holders shouldn't have to fear is their finances!

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