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Why Visa Chose MX

We interviewed Caroline Philpott, Sr. Director of Product Development at Visa, to understand why they ultimately chose MX as their prepaid card digital money management partner. Here's what she had to say:

“MX passed our tests with flying colors. If anything, we realized that some of our technology standards should probably be updated to match how new theirs was.”

“I use MX’s personal financial management software myself. I’ve tried others in the past and have never stuck with it. The key for me is that I can go in there and in a few minutes see what my finances look like. I don’t have to re-categorize anything myself, I don’t have to dig into complex charts. I can see it right away.”

“MX was the number one candidate by a long shot in all the areas we looked at. It was not a tough choice once we gathered all the information.”

Topics: Case Studies