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Digital Money Management: Become an Advocate for Account Holders

On May 20th, industry experts Brad Leimer, Alpine Jennings, John Hanley and Brandon Dewitt shared their insights on how digital money management is driving a shift in the way account holders view their finances and their financial institutions.

Topics include:

  • Why traditional PFM is dead and how DMM is different
  • How DMM empowers account holders' financial lives
  • How being an advocate for account holders drives revenue and loyalty.

Here are a few highlights:

“It’s critical, post-financial crisis, that we embrace technology that adds light and transparency to that financial relationship we have with our customers and truly be an advocate for everything that can build savings within that household.”

— Bradley Leimer, Head of Innovation, Santander Bank

“It’s really an exciting time, that’s for sure. ... We can get much more into graphical interfaces. Now your traditional PFM can be energized with this new more immersive experience, with bigger processors and memory.”

— Alpine Jennings, Former SVP - Retail Marketing, First Niagara Bank

“The old model of bank marketing was product focused: You raised your rates, promoted a special, and got a customer in — and then you blitzed them with cross-sells for this product and that product. But what we find when we do that kind of advertising is that there’s far less of an impact than there was previously. You can definitely see a difference. ... People don’t really want to be cross-sold. They want a financial services company that understands them.”

— John Hanley, Director of Marketing, Equity Bank

“It comes down to taking a step back from the micro problem you’re trying to solve and saying, “what are we being told at a macro level?” Because at the end of the day, the macro movements of humanity are going to re-define the next era.”

— Brandon Dewitt, Chief Technology Officer, MX


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