Fuel Your Performance with the Highest Data Quality

Outperform the competition and make well-informed decisions that move your business forward by powering your products and solutions with the highest quality data.

Connect to Any Financial Institution from Anywhere

With the highest level of data coverage, you’ll be able to power your applications with the most in depth financial information when it comes to transactions, balances, account details and much more without delays or interruptions. Power your apps with the best features on the market such as instant account verification, reducing account abandons and increasing overall satisfaction. All this is supported by our aggregation redundancy, enabling you to enjoy better connectivity with the highest possible uptime for unrivaled performance and data completeness.

Financial Data API

Power Your Solution with the Best Data

Build your products with the highest quality data on the market. We’ll help you cleanse, categorize, and classify all transactions, so you can easily identify subscriptions, recurring payments, income, location data, and much more. Make the most of your information by leveraging 98% data accuracy to normalize and structure your data across all sources.

Data Enhancement

Grow Your Business with a Partner That Can Scale

Execute your vision with a flexible partnership and go beyond point solutions. Build your business with a partner that’s equally invested in your growth. Our solutions go beyond out-of-the-box tools that focus on what success looks like for your business. We’ll work with you to help you discover deeper insights into your data, create actionable strategies that target the right audiences, and help you benefit from AI-assisted technology to power your applications with the latest features on the market.

Financial Data API

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