Grow Your Loan Portfolio Organically

Drive faster growth of high-quality loans by better understanding your existing customers’ held-away portfolios.

Compete to Win with Deep Competitor Insights

Bring all your customers’ information together from aggregated accounts to non-aggregated data and gain powerful visibility into their loan products from external financial institutions. We’ll help you understand critical insights from who your customers have loans with, their loan type APR, monthly payments, and much more. Once you have deeper insight into your customers’ account types and loans, you’ll be able to discover hidden opportunities and create competitive product offerings from personal and auto loans to student loans and mortgages.


Segment and Target the Right Customers with the Right Offer

Create hyper-personalized campaigns based on any combination of key data attributes from APR and balances to types of loans and investments. Now you can couple all your data insights with our advanced analytics capabilities to execute on product launch initiatives faster and deliver highly relevant product offers that converts at every touchpoint.

Targeted Marketing

Connect Your Data to Every System Seamlessly

Integrate your data with all your business-critical BI, risk management tools, marketing automation systems, and much more. Once your data is fed into the right platforms and systems, you’ll be able to turn key customer loan insights into applicable and highly relevant messages across various communication touchpoints. Get the right information to the right customer at the right time—from marketing communications such as your website and digital ads, to customer-facing employee interactions from your call centers to teller stations and loan officers.

Targeted Marketing

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