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The Easy SBA Portal is an interactive version of the SBA application that streamlines the application process for banks and credit unions. To help at this time, MX will be granting financial institutions an open-source, royalty-free license.

From 30 minutes to 30 seconds

Improve the speed and efficiency of small business loan applications

The Small Business Administration has designed a loan program to support and minimize the financial impact of COVID-19 on small businesses. However, with the huge influx of applicants coming through, and increasing daily, the process is time consuming for SBA lenders and costly to the economy. Right now, speed could be the difference between businesses keeping their doors open and employees having a job, and huge numbers of unemployment.

The Easy SBA Portal powered by MX is an open sourced solution that’s an interactive version of the SBA application. It automatically transfers the customer’s application to the SBA site, reducing the 30-minute application time to approximately 30 seconds.

Benefits of the Easy SBA Portal

Streamlining the application process for banks and credit unions makes it easier for financial institutions to get critical funds into the hands of small business owners.

Automates keys steps in the SBA application process, saving time and getting funds to businesses faster

Provides SBA certified lenders with an easy to use solution to upload all SBA required documents

Ensures that all applications are uploaded as quickly, accurately, and efficiently as possible

Help small businesses keep their doors open

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