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Account & Transaction Data Aggregation

Be the Primary Financial Institution

Account aggregation is valuable for the simple reason that it enables users to see all their accounts in one place. Once this happens, your users have less and less of a reason to sign into your competitors’ digital banking portals. Just like that, you’ve made the move to be their primary financial institution.

What Aggregation does for you

Lays the foundation for you to see what your competitors are up to

Gives you crucial information to create hyper-personalized, relevant offers

Helps you outsmart these competitors before they outsmart you

Enables you to show users their full financial picture, increasing their loyalty to your institution

Outsmart the Competition

It’s only a matter of time before your competitors are able to access your internal data. They might be able to already, and if so, they are using that data to outsmart you right now. The best defense, as the saying goes, is a good offense. You don’t have to get flat footed. Jump ahead of the competitors by enjoying the benefits of aggregating all your internal and external data.
It’s a simple, compelling way to lay a foundation of big data for decades to come.
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MX Products that Collect Data

Banking API

Multi-sourced aggregation from MX enables you to ensure that users have reliable, real-time account information. Unlike other providers, we can reroute connections despite deficient connections so your users stay happy and you stand apart from your competition.

Data Analytics

Discovered Accounts converts your internal data into profit, enabling you to see which of your users also do business with your competitors. To illustrate, we’ve helped a client with more than $15 billion of assets under management discover that $571,679,462 left their institution to competitors during a single month. This client now sees exactly where this money is going and creates counter offers that win the full loyalty of these users.

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