Connect to the Data You Need

MX connects core banking systems to other technology platforms, giving organizations the ability to innovate faster and create better, more personalized digital experiences.

The power of bringing all your data together.

MX gives you the technology you need to help customers connect their accounts and gain a complete view of their financial profile. With instant account verification and authentication, your customers can feel reassured that their financial data is never compromised and they are in control of where it’s being shared.

API connections built to scale.

Connect to the data that matters, when it matters most. MX API’s are designed to connect fintech companies and financial institutions to a variety of API solutions, helping you expand your product lines, increase the pace of innovation, and cut costs and time to integration.

Grow your bottom line.

With seamless connectivity comes endless opportunities to grow your bottom line: boost customer acquisition, increase account funding rates, build personalized marketing campaigns, quickly integrate new apps, use your competitors’ data to create better products, and much more.

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