Modern Connectivity: Accelerating Open Finance

Find out how connecting to the financial ecosystem can help you securely and reliably increase transparency, create data-driven experiences, boost top-line growth, and build brand loyalty.

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Financial Data Aggregation

A modern way to connect to accounts
MX’s industry-leading connections give you access to tokenized, credential-free API connections built with the highest security and industry standards, so you can build trust and loyalty at every touchpoint.

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Open Finance API

Implement securely. Innovate quickly.
Deliver a better and more secure data sharing experience while gaining visibility and control to adopt open banking. Our open-source platform can help you innovate quickly and enable customer-permissioned data sharing.

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Infrastructure and Integration API

Power faster integrations.
MX provides the connection layer of banking APIs that bring together backend systems — core, cards, documents, checks, and more, helping you create intuitive and seamless experiences across the entire customer journey.

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Connect with us to grow your bottom line.

Connectivity is at the heart of the financial ecosystem. See how MX can help you connect your data in a rapidly evolving marketplace, enabling you to accelerate growth and boost your bottom line with modern money experiences.

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