Put your data to work

MX Data goes beyond traditional enhancement to provide contextual information and improve the experience by providing the insight needed to make more educated decisions.

Less friction. More control.

Enhanced transactions provide you and your customers with insight into how and where they’re spending their money. Beyond creating a better experience and reducing confusion around transaction details, MX Data enhancement helps your customers build real-time budgets and savings plans.

Know your customers with better data.

Gain unrivaled customer insights, discover new opportunities, and increase your share of wallet with data-driven analytics. Know where your customers bank and the types of loans and investments they have with other institutions even if they haven’t connected their accounts.

Increase share of wallet. Improve customer loyalty.

Use your data to execute against key marketing initiatives with swift and precise action, personalized messaging, and offers that reach the right customers and convert at every touchpoint. With the ability to create an audience based on data-driven objectives, you can ensure the right customers receive the right message.

Grow your bottom line.

MX data grows your bottom line by reducing call center volume, helping you turn personalized offers into profit, attracting new customers while retaining your most valuable segments, and giving you foresight into strategic ways to grow your lines of business.

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