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Relying on credit card solutions to initiate or receive payments is costly, but the alternative process of getting customers to connect accounts for direct transfer options is high-friction.

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MX Solution

MX gives you a simple way to help your customers set up payments, quickly connecting accounts, decreasing risk, and reducing NSF fees for a better user experience. With Instant Account Verification, users quickly authenticate their information in a matter of seconds and connect to a variety of payment options.

MX in the payments journey

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Connect payment info for direct ACH

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Decrease risk, increase security

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Reduce costs and overdraft fees

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More payment options without the risk, fees, and hassle

Help customers connect accounts easily

Get the most complete and dependable coverage available. MX leads the industry in modern connectivity, direct high-performance OAuth connections, so your customers can connect a wide variety of accounts from almost any financial institution. Our modern connection solution intelligently routes to the best connection available so your customers remain connected without interruption.

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Decrease risk and increase security

Confirm users’ account and routing number information instantly, avoiding human error which can result in failed or fraudulent payments. With token-based modern connections you can mitigate risk by ensuring your customers financial data is accurate, reliable, and never shared.

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Reduce costs and overdraft fees

Connect to customers’ financial accounts and pre-validate their account balances in seconds for seamless payments without the credit card fees. Our solution instantly connects to 90% of domestic bank accounts, auto-routing to micro-deposits for the 10% of the industry where instant verification isn't yet available.

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