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engaging, effective, and beautiful design

Offer a Cutting-Edge User Experience

MX gives you the choice to present internal and external data via your own visual designs or via our award-winning visualizations. Either way, you drive up user engagement and build loyalty for your brand.

Benefits of presenting data effectively

Engage millennials by offering them a user experience that competes with the best designs on the market

Provide a money management solution that, according to Javelin Research, your most profitable users demand that you provide for them

Rejuvenate your brand for the digital age, showing your users that you are on the cutting edge of technology

Give users the ability to get in control of their financial lives

White Paper

We're on the cusp of the age of advanced anaylyics – a time when the success or failure of financial institutions hinge on how they make use of data.
Learn how you can leverage data, and stay at the fore-front.
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MX Products that Present Data

Next-Gen PFM

Javelin Strategy & Research notes that Moneyhawks, which they call "the most profitable, most digitally minded consumers in America" are the most likely to use digital money management. By offering a digital experience that integrates these features, you give these most profitable users what they demand.

Cross-Platform Framework

Helios is the simplest way to give users a seamless digital experience across desktop, phone, and tablet. This way you reduce maintenance costs while simultaneously increasing user loyalty. Read our Helios case study to see how one of our clients double total mobile users in 18 months.

Developer API

The MX Atrium API allows fintech companies and financial institutions to pick and choose which DMM features they'd like to integrate directly into their current offerings — all with the data and algorithms of MX working behind the scenes.

Download the MX Business Case

16 pages of case studies and stats

  • - See why 1,800 institutions have chosen MX
  • - Discover how you can amp up your data game
  • - Learn new ways to drive revenue

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