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5th Age of Banking

Digital has laid the foundation for the most important stage in banking's history – The Age of Advanced Analytics. This presentation will guide you and your team through the major inflection point currently facing the financial services industry and illustrate how change is inevitable. Equip your institution to win in the new age.

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The Nobility of Banking

When we start from a place of advocacy — privileging actions that alleviate financial stress instead of compounding it — decisions in banking become far easier. We no longer try to get people into loans that are bigger than they can afford. We don’t push fees on users without being very clear beforehand about how the fees will work. When everything we do is centered on helping end users we realize that banking is a noble endeavor, something that can ultimately stave off financial depression and alleviate the stress so many people feel in their everyday lives.

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Tomorrow’s World

What does the future of financial services hold in store for users? Like in our modern retail and entertainment interactions, artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of financial services. AI-powered financial tools will become integrated into our everyday activities. People will likely be interacting with their bank without even realizing it. Your financial institution will be seamless and behind the scenes, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to educate and to make financial decisions easier than ever, creating even more user loyalty.

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Fault & Responsibility

If someone drops off a baby on your doorstep in the middle of the night, it’s not your fault — but it is your responsibility. The same is true of caring for the financial wellness of your customers. It’s not your fault that they are in trouble. However, it is your responsibility to help them. They need guidance to get them to financial strength.

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The Power of Data

Data has the power to improve the world or make it far worse. We will end up with the former instead of the latter when we choose to use it in the best interests of our users. To do this, we must make sure that we never cross the “don’t be creepy” line and that we always think about ways we can be more helpful in providing guidance. This way we can avoid the destructive possibilities that data could spring on us.

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