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The Vision of the MX Intelligence Platform

Even as we see intelligence becoming more readily available, it means nothing if it isn’t actionable and doesn’t make an impact on your business, your customers, or the world. The MX Intelligence Platform brings together our industry-leading connectivity, data, and experience solutions into a single platform that unlocks deeper insights for your end users and for you to improve and grow your business.

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Thank you Jim. Hello everyone. Hope you all are having a great experience thus far.

I am very excited to share with you our latest product vision and innovation.

You heard Jim talk about actionable intelligence. This is a great time for technology and actually an even greater time for those of us in financial services.

Even as you see this intelligence become more and more readily available, it means nothing unless it's actionable and it impacts your business and your end users and the world in a positive manner. Without action, there is no innovation, there is no growth.

Over the past year at MX, we've been working to enhance our platform as well as our product vision around the core principle of actionability. How can we harness the power of this transactional data as well as all the other forms of data to drive growth for both your end users, your customers, as well as for you?

We really believe that the money experience needs to be more than easy. It needs to be intelligent, it needs to be personal, and it needs to be actionable. It needs to connect your customers to their data in a way that can enhance their financial life. So where do we start? How do we build the experiences that now your customers have come to expect? How do you move from data to intelligence and then from intelligence to actionability?

One thing that has not changed over the past year is that vast amount of transactional as well as the customer data is being generated. In fact, more data is being generated than ever before. This data tells you everything you need to know about your customers. Where are they spending? What are they spending on? What are they saving? What are their goals and aspirations? What are their needs of the moment? And when you combine this data with machine learning and artificial intelligence, the customer data holds immense, immense power and potential for driving growth and innovation. And at MX, we believe we have this opportunity to drive this innovation and growth.

You know, in addition, our data is showing that digitally engaged users are three times more likely to stay with their financial providers than those that are not. And those who provide financial wellness tools see 40% more monthly logins and 175% increased in mobile sales per user. And engagement is key to retention, retaining your customers. At MX, we power the end-to-end solution that allows you to connect, to drive engagement, and act on your customer's data. Today we're excited to announce the future vision of MX and how we are making the money experiences come together through each touch point of acquisition, engagement, and growth.

Introducing the MX Intelligence Platform, or MXi. With MXi, we're ushering into a new era of financial services where financial institutions are not just data led but intelligence, intelligence-led to build human experiences. It brings together our industry-leading products from connectivity, data, and experiences solutions into a single platform to unlock deeper insights for your end users, your customers, as well as for you to drive growth for your business.

Our connectivity products provide more than the ability to move data from point A to point B. Within MX, I actually will increase the number of data points available to power use cases like intelligent payments and lending. And our world-class data enhancement continues to provide enriched transaction details to power our experiences products, PFM and our insights. And we'll continue to enhance our data platform, which sits at the core and center of our MX Intelligence Platform, and to will continue to enhance it to enable scale as well as the ability to ingest more forms of data. Our vision is to enable an ecosystem that builds innovative money experiences on top of this data platform and to bring these products to life. Our MX mobile product is a fully-featured mobile banking product platform that allows customers to quickly open an account, generate a virtual card fund into it --- all within a few minutes. It brings the money experiences to life by simplifying money management and helps you meet the customers where they are in their financial journey.

We're really rethinking the future of money experience by helping you: one, acquire new customers by unlocking the power of data through our customer analytics and our connectivity products. We'll provide you with all the intelligence you need to know to acquire and win new customers. We'll help you then drive engagement and adoption with our prescriptive insights and recommended actions. Through our insights, PFM, and mobile products, you can engage and empower your customers making your offering personalized and more human. And this will lead to driving incremental growth. Our comprehensive analytics driven on top of our data platform and Data Access --- and delivered through our customer analytics --- will surface opportunities for you to engage and expand with your customers.

We are really excited about the future of MX and how MXi will enable you to deliver a more personalized and human experience. Now let's talk about the updates and announcements that are powering this MX Intelligence Platform.

As Jim mentioned, earlier this year we announced our Data Access product and we made it available in the market at no cost, zero cost. This open API platform puts the customer in control of sharing their data and allows you to provide a reliable and a secure experience for data sharing for your customers. We're excited to announce that we've expanded the aggregator networks. More aggregators are now connected to Data Access to connect the users to user-permission data. Through this platform, we've made it easier for you to onboard those aggregators and start accessing the dashboards that'll give you insights into where your customers are sharing their data. With this Data Access, we're bringing open banking and customer insights together. Where do your customers have external accounts? What products and services are they seeking elsewhere? What offers and products should you be offering them to win their business?

Today I am excited to share with you our vision of actionable intelligence with the launch of Customer Analytics. And to show you what this looks like, I'd like to invite Shayli Lones who onto the stage to help show you how your marketing teams and digital teams can take customer engagements to the next level.


Hello. Hey everyone and thank you Nandita. So personalization can be hard, making sure you get the right message to the right person at the right time and at scale it isn't always easy. So as marketers, we have multiple platforms that are designed to help, but if you want to provide a better experience, you need to understand who your customers are. But there's a lot of data out there and it's either outdated or it's difficult to understand and that impacts the level of personalization and the success of your marketing campaigns and programs.

This is why we built Customer Analytics. We've combined the features of our marketing and analytics products to provide deeper insights and new dashboards that provide true actionable intelligence.

Customer Analytics was built upon MX's industry-leading connectivity and data enhancement. It brings together a holistic view of your customers and how to best engage with them. It helps you build smarter segmentation, improve engagement and retention, and better understand your competitive landscape, providing you with a full 360-degree view of who your customers are and what their needs are. Are you trying to grow deposits, increase new account openings, or just better understand your customers?

Customer Analytics helps you see where your customers have externally held accounts and helps you identify opportunities for conversion and cross sell, like credit cards, mortgages, lending, and more. We make it easy to export these reports and input them directly into your Marketing CRM. I'm talking platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo. These results, they speak for themselves, our financial providers, our clients, people just like you. These are the results that they have seen. By using this intelligent data in their marketing campaigns, they've seen a 3X increase in new credit card applications. A 6X increase in balance transfers all leading to more than an 18% ROI. And that's something all the marketers in the room can get really excited about.

So now Customer Analytics is live and it's in the market and we wanna get you on our platform today. So be sure to check out the Product Experience Lounge for a demo of our new product. So let's now talk conversion. Once customers are in the funnel, are you able to convert them when nearly 40% of accounts go unfunded?

It's important to have an account opening process that's fast, simple, and secure, and we're making that easier than ever before for cus for customers to create an account wherever they are. So here's what that process looks like in our MX mobile product. As you can see here, the user can provide and verify their information in seconds all from their mobile device working alongside your account opening provider. Our open banking connections make it possible for a customer to instantly connect and fund accounts helping you reduce churn and reduce those drop-off rates. And we're making this process faster, more secure, and we've improved our already industry leading coverage, helping keep your customers in the funnel and reducing abandonment. Now I'm gonna pass it back to Nandita. Thank you Shayli.


So after your customers have opened and funded their account, how do you keep their attention and capture share of wallet? Our data shows that engage users have twice higher saving balances than those who don't. So how do you increase engagement? Are you delivering experiences that keep customers coming back? Our research also shows that more than half the consumers want their financial service providers to help them manage their finances. And in fact, they expect and want, they, they want the financial services providers to have a responsibility to teach them to be financially strong.

Our next announcement focuses on driving personalized financial wellness experiences designed to increase engagement. Customers are demanding a personalized and an actionable experience that's that is available to them where and when they want to access it. And Jim, I'm not talking about your spreadsheet. Today we are announcing MX's next-generation Financial Wellness and Insights solution, and I'm going to invite David Whitcomb, our VP of product strategy and commercialization, to talk more and show you what that looks like.


Thanks, Nandita. When we talk about financial wellness, we do it with a couple of goals in mind. First, improving financial strength. It's at the core of MX's mission. And secondly, we're focused on increasing engagement, providing users with actionable data when and where they need it. As we've talked to end users and measured where they're active, we see clear patterns, which many of you already know when a user logs into a financial application, they do it with intent, they wanna see how much money they have because maybe they have a big purchase coming up or they wanna ensure they have enough money to pay their bills, they wanna check recent transactions oftentimes for assurance that nothing outta the ordinary has hit their account or they simply need to make a payment or make a transfer.

These interactions are purposeful and typically don't take much time. So you've gotta make those moments valuable. To make those moments both impactful and valuable, we're bringing a new view to the front and center of our experiences. It's a brand new dashboard that can be configured by institutions based on how you know your customers and it's offering an optimized range of experiences. Also available later this year will be a new, cashflow widget that highlights upcoming expenses, funds available to spend, and maybe most importantly to many users, when their next paycheck is gonna hit their account.

The new dashboard and cashflow experiences are being actively built and are gonna be built to be customized to your design standards. Next, we've improved our transaction view with what we're calling contextual insights where we embed helpful information in the flow of the transaction views. For example, if you're scrolling through your transactions, you'll be able to identify potentially impactful changes. Shoot, your Verizon bill increased last month. Did you get that email from Netflix talking about your increase in your fees or did you just read over it like I did? And then see, hit your account for $3 or $4 more than you expected.

Another area we focused on is building out a library of embeddable experiences that help users spend and save more intelligently than spending. Insight widgets help users budget and plan for times when they may overspend and understand where there may be savings opportunities in the future. And we're excited to be able to provide a wider, uh, variety of, to in ways to engage users in their flow of their experiences, delivering insights when and where it matters. And if we're helping users manage their spending more efficiently, we'll have more opportunities to help them save and nudge them in the right direction when it's when it's appropriate.

So we've had budgets and goals widgets for years, and we've heard your feedback. You ask for more guidance. What should users do? Not just can they set a goal? So we've started with a handful of insights focused on guided savings because expenses can come out of nowhere and nearly 60% of Americans, as many of us know, don't have enough funds to cover an emergency of more than a thousand dollars. So we're launching several new savings insights that help users prepare for that unexpected expense, giving them guidelines for savings so there's less guessing on when and how to save the emergency fund insights, help users calculate and understand how to save towards that emergency fund. All the spending and saving insights you see here are available via API to embed in your current digital experience or within our own MX mobile banking application, all focused on creating intelligence and action with your customers to improve their life, your business, and ultimately the world around us.

To retain and engage your customers, they need better experiences that help them understand and better manage their finances. And it needs to be personalized, proactive, actionable and embedded. And then MX is building that next generation of tools to make this possible. So with that, I'll pass it back to Nandita.


Thank you, David. All right, so once we've got the users engaged, how are you going to deepen the relationship with them and gain an even greater share of wallet? One of the biggest challenges today is knowing how to grow. How do you remain relevant and expand your offering and acquire new customers? As always, it starts with your customers and really understanding them and anticipating what they want from you and when they want that.

With today's technology, the customers are opening new accounts and are sharing data with more apps than ever. Data is being shared, but the intelligence within has not been accessible till now. Today we're going to show you how you close the loop from acquisition to engagement to growth. We're gonna show how all of this comes together within the MX Intelligence Platform. Shayli, would you mind coming up and showing how the customer analytics works on top of our MX Insights marketing capability?


Yeah, thanks, Nandita. All right, so as an industry, we've come a long way, but there's still too much friction in the experience and we're often blind to where the real opportunities are.

What do your customers want and how can you ensure that you're providing a personalized experience that they expect? Now, let's say that your marketing team wants to run a campaign to increase applications for a newly launched travel reward credit card. They wanna target existing CU customers and also capture new audiences within MXi. Using Customer Analytics, you can easily identify customers who fit a travel affinity. These are customers who have a history of transactions for things like airlines, booking websites, and other travel-related expenses. By leveraging this data from your customer's internal and externally held accounts, you can identify and segment those who share common characteristics, behaviors, and preferences.

Now, this goes beyond traditional demographic targeting. It allows you to tailor your marketing efforts and messaging to make it more human and personalized. You can enable your marketing teams to create lookalike audiences that can be applied to your CRM or even social platforms to capture the attention of new customers. By combining these data points, the marketing team can create an affinity and targeted marketing campaign with messaging and branding that is personalized to this audience. These offers can be embedded into their feed, and it takes only a few clicks to build a campaign and trigger a custom insight to that relevant group of users. Now, this is just one example of how you, how easy it is to use customer analytics to improve your segmentation and personalization throughout your digital experience. Back to you Nandita.


Thank you. All right, Customer Analytics and our new generation financial wellness and insights tools are available right now and we can't wait to partner with you to offer a personalized human experiences for your customers. I'd like to invite you all to the Product Experience Lounge, where you can see how MX can help you acquire new customers, improve your engagement and drive growth, while at the same time improving the money experiences for your customers. We build MX with feedback from all of you, our amazing partners, and together we can improve the money experience for your customers.

With that, I will now invite Wes Hemmel, our CTO, to talk about his vision of how we build reliable and scalable solutions at MX, and how we ensure we are brilliant at the basics.

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