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Open Finance

MX improves the consumer-permissioned data sharing experience and enables financial institutions to better monitor and manage where data is shared. Enable consumers to create a 360-degree view of their finances, gain greater insights and personalized experiences — without the need to share usernames and passwords.

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Why Open Finance Matters

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How MX Helps

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Better monitor and manage what data is leaving your organization’s platform and where it’s going, uncovering new product and partnership opportunities to grow your business

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Enable consumers to connect external accounts in a few simple steps and gain a more complete picture of their finances

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Quickly go to market with a connectivity solution built to be 80+% market ready — enabling integration and implementation in as little as 6 weeks or less — and accelerate third-party onboarding with a self-service portal and ready-to-use templates

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Leverage API data requests to power Account Owner Identity, statements, transaction history, account aggregation, balance checks, and account verifications (IAV)

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Empower consumers to connect to and share their financial data on their terms with permissioned data sharing and a consent dashboard to manage and revoke access at any time

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    Data Access that Drives Results

  • MX offers a secure, open finance Data Access API platform built on FDX standards that ensures consumers are in control of their financial data and businesses have greater visibility into what data is shared.

  • Trusted Connectivity for Financial Accounts

  • MX’s account aggregation solutions enable consumers to easily connect and view all of their financial accounts in one place — and give financial providers full visibility into consumer financial data to better meet their needs.

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Learn More about How Open Finance Creates Better Money Experiences

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Learn more about how MX can improve your customer’s journey, uncover growth opportunities, and help you innovate faster.