Gen Z & Millennial Banking Perspectives and 2022 Predictions


December 15, 2021


Crystal Anderson - VP of Experience Products at MX

Jake Tyler - Co-Founder & CEO at Finn AI

Ryan Hollister - Senior Director of Engineering at Q2

Niamh Cunningham - COO at Rival Technologies

Carl Kessler - CTO at Civista Bank

Justin Knowles - Strategic Innovation Officer at CityBank of Texas

Join MX, Q2, Finn AI and Rival Technologies as they share new research on how the past year has changed customer preferences toward banking services and engagement for Gen Z & Millennials. Our expert panel will also share predictions for what this means for your 2022 digital banking.


Specifically, You'll Learn About: 

  • Highlights from the joint research study comparing generational perspectives
  • How innovative digital banking leaders are responding to these trends
  • Predictions on digital banking and what priorities matter most in 2022


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