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Digital Consumers Want Personalized Insights | MX + Q2 Partnership

July 21, 2023|0 min read
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Consumers are increasingly looking to financial service providers for help improving their financial health. But, there’s opportunity for banks, credit unions, and other financial providers to do more to meet these needs. MX’s research revealed 1 in 4 of consumers feel their financial providers don’t do enough to support their needs

MX has been partnering with Q2, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending, for nearly a decade to help financial institutions raise the bar on digital experiences.  

Together, MX and Q2 are enabling financial institutions to deliver personalized, automated financial guidance and actionable insights based on consumer spending, saving, and borrowing behaviors, seamlessly integrated into the Q2 cPFM digital experience. Here’s why that matters: 

  • Seventy percent of consumers expect their financial provider to give them personalized notifications and insights. MX Insights deliver personalized recommendations and insights to help consumers better manage their spending, create budgets, increase savings, and pay down debt. 
  • Seventy-two percent of U.S. consumers say they prefer to manage all their finances online or through a mobile app. Q2’s digital banking solution enables financial institutions to deliver an intuitive, feature-rich retail banking experience. 
  • Digitally engaged users are 2.7 times more likely to stay with a financial institution, based on results from a large U.S. financial institution. By embedding personalized insights into a robust digital experience, financial providers can increase digital adoption and engagement. 

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Deliver Data-Driven, Personalized Financial Insights with Q2 + MX

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