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Experience-driven Growth with Ryan Nelsen, EVP of Marketing at MX

September 6, 2022 | 0 min read

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Tedd Huff
Host of Fintech Confidential
Ryan Nelsen
Executive Vice President, Marketing, MX

Fintech Confidential: Iconic Experience Driven Growth


Ryan Nelsen, EVP of Marketing at MX, shares on the Fintech Confidential podcast how MX got started building the Open Finance economy. He previews Money Experience Summit 2022 where the top leaders in fintech and financial services will gather Sept. 20-22 at Snowbird.

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“MX is a company looking out for the open finance ecosystem. It's a company that truly wants to do good. Our co-founder Brandon Dewitt passed away a year ago after a five-year battle with cancer. He left a lasting mark: going after revenue alone and taking shortcuts is not worth it. Instead, how do we leave a legacy in this industry that ten, twenty, thirty, or fifty years out will allow thousands — if not millions — of developers to build on top of our platform?”
- Ryan Nelsen
Run Time: 25:02 minutes

Listen to the full podcast here:



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